3H Vets committed to developing permanent supportive housing for homeless Veterans. Donors will help 3H Vets to purchase the initial pilot properties and charge Veterans with high risk tenancy at 30-40% of their fair market range.

Housing provides a foundation from which a person or family can access the services and supports they need to achieve stability, begin the recovery process, and pursue personal goals. Thousands of housing vouchers for Veterans went unused in 2019, hurting efforts to end homelessness”. “Reported by Military Times”

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Any donations to 3H Vets will help provide every homeless Veteran connected with our organization temporary relief while permanent housing and services are being arranged.

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Significant progress has been made in housing our nation’s homeless Veterans. This is due, in large part, to connecting them with rapid re-housing, through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program, and permanent supportive housing, through the HUD-

Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program (HUD-VASH).



Offers people experiencing homelessness permanent housing as quickly as possible. It also provides people with the supportive services and
connections to community-based resources they
need to keep their housing and avoid returning to

Supportive Housing

Reintegrates people experiencing chronic
homelessness and other highly vulnerable families and individuals into the community by addressing their basic needs for housing and providing ongoing support.

Rapid Re-Housing

This is an intervention designed to help individuals and families quickly exit homelessness
and return to permanent housing.

Affordable Housing

This is necessary for individuals with the lowest of incomes, who are most at risk of  homelessness, and efforts to increase access to affordable housing must be proportional to the local need.

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