A Call to Action!

"We must design community responses that prevent Veterans’ homelessness. Urban, suburban, and rural communities alike have proven that we can drive down the number of Veterans experiencing homelessness to as close to zero as possible, while also building and sustaining systems that can effectively address Veterans’ housing crises in the future." President K. Felton

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What's Driving Progress?

  • Our progress has been driven by urgent action at all levels of government and across all sectors. 

  • Federal agencies engaged in unprecedented coordination and shared responsibility.

  • Congress expanded investments into federal programs, such as the HUD-VA Supportive Housing(HUD-VASH) program and the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program.

  • State and local entities and the philanthropic community aligned investments with federal resources.

  • Communities have formed stronger partnerships to deploy those resources through best practices, including coordinated entry and Housing First approaches. 

  • And governors, mayors, and other public officials have mobilized their communities in support of a clear and ambitious goal.


What You Can Do!

  • Monetary gifts to show support in 3H Vets vision and also give to organizations alike that have taken up the challenge to end Veteran’s Homelessness in your community.

  • Like and share 3H Vets on your social media outlets to help bring a greater awareness to this growing crisis.

  • Visit and volunteer at your local VA to stay connected to local initiatives in your area.

  • Read and keep up to date about the latest data about Veteran homelessness.