Our Vision is to partner with agencies and individuals that recognize the importance of serving our military veterans in every available way.


Our Mission at 3H Veteran Housing Solution is to work with Veterans of all branches and find emotional and financial stability through the Housing First Model.


3H Veteran Housing Solution was created to help Veterans to achieve affordable and stable housing. 3H Vets has been successful in providing a response in service that gives relief to Veterans’ hardships. The challenges homeless Veterans experience are largely rooted in the accessibility to affordable housing and long-term services that meet their disabilities needs and income restrictions. 3H Vets took up the challenge and join the fight; and as a result we have housed over 450 Veterans and their families by partnering with state and local agencies.


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Kwaun K. Felton, M.A,


​​Kwaun K. Felton, M.A, is a Florida native who served 4 years active duty in the United States Navy. As prior service member Mr. Felton understands the struggles of transitioning from active duty to civilian life. It has become his commitment to live the military service creed & no solider left behind.

Mr. Felton worked as a SSVF case manager for 4 years helping to find veteran within the broward county
community who qualify for housing services. Mr. Felton time as a Case Manager give him a firsthand experience with the housing crisis in the broward county area. As Non-commission officer in the United States Navy Mr. Felton leadership skills were sharpened by his occupation within the supply division.

Mr. Felton great accomplishment is to be a better father to his daughter but also a better battle buddy to those who have served.

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Quinton McGirt

Vice President

Quinton McGirt was born and raised in Broward County, Florida. As a community ambassador Mr. McGirt can attest to life challenges due to having to overcome homelessness. However, despite those challenges Quinton learned at a young age the importance of overcoming obstacles, relationship building, and goal setting.


By way of social service experience Mr. McGirt was instrumental in developing the expansion of the Broward County’s Justice Project Taskforce (JPT). Quinton often speaks on leadership, civic engagement, and relations between law enforcement officers and the community.


Mr. McGirt diverse social services and law enforcement experience provides him the understanding necessary to assist the Veteran homeless population.  


Quinton is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology.